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It is about a year that we met in Colorado Springs and talked about the sport of cycling. Clinical sport nutrition and cycling. Performance, weight, psychology, medicine and nutrition. Different disciplines together looking at the issue of weight and unhealthy eating in cycling. I have seen some unhealthy eating in cycling, yes, and at some point I decided Read more »

Students and those interested in sports nutrition often ask me: so tell me, what are you doing in your job? First, it’s a great job! Maybe you will not be able to do all the duties we are supposed to do, sometimes it works differently when you are part of a team or an organization. Roles differ between¬†teams. For sure you have to be flexible in what you do. And you need to like/love food. It’s not a must to compete yourself but to know what it feels like when you finish a competition or a training camp, when you have the pressure to succeed and win is for sure no disadvantage. As a sports dietitian it’s also good if you try different approaches yourself. Different fuel strategies,¬†trading on empty stomach, fueling with natural food vs. sport nutrition products. The more experiences you have yourself, the better you can understand an athlete. To know what the job itself involves, I had a look at the Academy’s resources:

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