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Immer wieder ein Genuss, die Lasagna! Hier ein einfaches Rezept für eine vegetarische Variante. Nicht vergessen, bei mehr Trainingspensum den Kohlenhydrat-Anteil zu korrigieren um den Bedarf zu decken. Read more »

Fibre rich meals are not just good for athletes but for everyone. If you like pancakes, try this recipe with quinoa to boost your fibre intake. Nutrient dense and fibre rich choice. Why not have a quinoa pancake on your next rest day? Read more »

Many athletes run out of ideas when they think about a light lunch or dinner on rest days. Often, they don’t know how to limit calories and what to prepare to get still don’t feel hungry after eating. To avoid the mistake to limit it to vegetables only, here’s an idea for a light, nutritious and simple lunch or dinner. Read more »