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An easy way to increase the nutrient content of your breakfast is to use some whole grains. While quinoa is used in many lunch and dinner recipes, it also has a spot on the breakfast menu. Check out this quinoa porridge recipe. On a day in the office or on a rest day if you’re a pro athlete – why not start your day with quinoa porridge? Adjust the serving size according to your needs, enrich with some flaxseed or cocoa or add an avocado.


Quinoa Porridge


Quinoa Frühstücksbrei
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A smoothie is a good way to put many nutrients in just one glass/cup. Although this can also be risky for people who need to pay attention to their calorie intake, it is always good to have one on the daily plan. Depending on the calorie needs, the recipe can be adjusted. Little carbohydrates, less fibre or ore protein – there are many ways to prepare a smoothie and to modify a recipe. In the end one part of my job is to modify recipes if they do’t fit and when I look at an athlete’s train plan, one smoothie doesn’t fit into every day. my recipes need some adjustment. Read more »

Fibre rich meals are not just good for athletes but for everyone. If you like pancakes, try this recipe with quinoa to boost your fibre intake. Nutrient dense and fibre rich choice. Why not have a quinoa pancake on your next rest day? Read more »

Oft wundern sich Sportler, wie sie sich am besten versorgen, wenn sie hart trainieren. Dabei suchen sie nach den eigenartigsten Riegeln, Shakes und Superfoods. Dabei geht es so einfach, sich selber einen Vorrat an Snacks zuzubereiten. Der Vorteil davon ist schnell erklärt: keine Zusatzstoffe, frisch und fettarm, nach Belieben erweiterbare Rezeptur und sehr häufig auch preisgünstiger als Riegel und andere Produkte. Read more »