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Nicht ein jeder isst gerne Fisch, manche gar nicht, manche zu wenig. Da Fisch die wichtigen omega-3 Fettsäuren liefert, sollte zumindest zwei Mal pro Woche Fisch am Speiseplan stehen, davon einmal richtig fetter Fisch (Seelachs, Hering, Sardinen, Hering). Wenn das schwierig ist, dann sollten zumindest andere Lebensmittel konsumiert werden, die omega-3 enthalten. Read more »

It’s been several years that we’ve heard of coconut oil as the magic fat that is plant based and healthy and another superfood. We know from dietary recommendations that fats that come from plants are healthier than those that come from animals. The food industry is aware of that and, hence, is promoting vegetable oils as the better fat. Which is also correct. However, there have been two oils in particular that have made it into almost every product. Palm oil and coconut oil. Both come from plants. Both are pretty stable oils, solid at room temperature. And both contain mostly saturated fatty acids. This is an important difference to other vegetable oils such as olive or canola oil, walnut oil or linseed oil. Those oils are liquid at room temperature, contain mostly unsaturated oils which are said to be beneficial for humans. Read more »