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It is about a year that we met in Colorado Springs and talked about the sport of cycling. Clinical sport nutrition and cycling. Performance, weight, psychology, medicine and nutrition. Different disciplines together looking at the issue of weight and unhealthy eating in cycling. I have seen some unhealthy eating in cycling, yes, and at some point I decided Read more »

There are many different grains we can use for salads, side dishes or vegetable stews. Emmer is a grain that almost got forgotten but it’s more than 5000-10000 years old. People have used it to make bread but also to make delicious dishes in combination with vegetables and herbs. What about this emmer recipe for your recovery day? Or just to boost your fibre intake in your diet? Remember fibre is good for your gut too. And emmer is very nutritious: high in fibre, minerals, phytochemicals. Note: although many sources talk about emmer as a good gluten-free carbohydrate source, ever is actually not gluten-free. If you need gluten-free grains, you have to look for something like millet, buckwheat, amaranth or corn. Read more »

In many ways we like to have a certain routine. We keep things the same. When we get up in the morning, prepare breakfast before work, we often do the exactly same steps day after day. We take the milk out of the fridge, put some oats into our breakfast bowl, add some milk, stir it. We let it sit for a moment, meanwhile we go and get the newspaper and prepare a glass of orange juice or a cup of coffee. Then we sit down, eat breakfast. Read more »

This old paper made me think about the nutrition knowledge of support staff in elite sports (but not only). Nutrition, as we all know, is a very special area. We all have to eat, we all shop, we all are exposed to advertisements, we all hear about trends and new diets, many read articles about nutrition and a few 🙁 still cook (microwaving and baking a pizza dough is not cooking 🙂 ). Because everyone needs food, some people think we all are experts in nutrition but there is more than buying “bio” and local to become a nutrition expert. Read more »

Reading through health and sport magazines, I usually find a lot of articles featuring new products on the market. Vitamins, minerals, superfoods, proteins and many other supplements which will help us perform better – according to the companies’ claims. Most of the time the claims are wrong, the evidence is missing and for me, who works in the sport nutrition field and promotes healthy eating, the question remains always: what about an athlete’s every day nutrition? Shouldn’t we first be looking at what athletes eat at home, how they shop, what they put into their shopping basket, if they have basic cooking skills before we talk about supplements?


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Sometimes we look at our food and don’t realise all the fat that we have on the plate: pesto, sauces, pizza, cereal bar, avocado, cheeses, chicken, nuts, chocolate covered raisins. Some of them are healthy foods, are also packed with “good” nutrients but there’s a big BUT. There’s fat in them too.

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