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An easy way to increase the nutrient content of your breakfast is to use some whole grains. While quinoa is used in many lunch and dinner recipes, it also has a spot on the breakfast menu. Check out this quinoa porridge recipe. On a day in the office or on a rest day if you’re a pro athlete – why not start your day with quinoa porridge? Adjust the serving size according to your needs, enrich with some flaxseed or cocoa or add an avocado.


Quinoa Porridge


Quinoa Frühstücksbrei
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It’s been around forever: milk causes increased mucus production in athletes, it’s better to avoid it. Usually, the problem of increased mucus production is linked to respiratory diseases such as asthma. Researchers have investigated the hypothesis in this population to understand that problem better but could only confirm that the link exists in a small subgroup of people with asthma.

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Recovery after a training session is very important in the life of active people. Its part of the training such as the workout itself. It’s finishing up the training. Activities trigger certain physiologic processes which make us fitter, stronger, better and more resistant to fatigue. All this can only happen when our body is given enough energy and nutrients.

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