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For many years alkaline vegetables and acidic meat, dairy and processed foods have been key words in magazine articles and advertisements. The question remains: is there enough scientific evidence to back up certain claims for a alkaline dietary approach for a better health and stronger bones?


When we look at our body, there is the pH value of our blood. This value is strictly maintained at about 7.4. In order to keep the value between 7.35-7.45 our lungs and kidneys work hard to keep it within that range because a pH outside that range would be life-threatening. We have some regulators in the body, the blood does have one and the bone matrix contains calcium and magnesium which support our pH balance. If those systems can’t manage our pH balance anymore (e.g. acidic nutrition over a longer period), the kidneys jump in and help. With that said, even if we eat a high protein meal it does not result in a change in blood chemistry or pH. Our kidneys function as buffers, mobilize buffers (calcium phosphate for example) to keep the pH within a safe range.

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