We all have to eat and we all have to deal with food. This requires us to think about it, choose and prepare food. Moreover, we need to make sure our food intake matches our needs. These needs differ between individuals. Whether we exercise or not changes our needs. Disease impacts our needs also. And if we want to lose or gain some weight we have to adjust our needs as well. Nutrient needs are different. It’s hard to just make a general recommendation for an individual case. Especially in sports nutrient requirements vary significantly among sports, training cycles, races and based on different goals.

Finding the right amounts and the right foods isn’t always easy. Many people struggle to find a way that works for them. For athletes, food is very important. It’s a very powerful tool. When you get the nutrition right, it can help you win. When you get it wrong, most likely you will struggle and lose the race. Unfortunately, many athletes have a complicated relationship with food. Some due to negative experiences in the past, others because they never really found a way to manage their diet properly, others because they lack the knowledge. Because there are so many different opinions, diets and trends, athletes are not sure what’s the right approach. An athlete’s diet doesn’t need to be extreme or complicated but it should be balanced, nutrient dense and timed properly.

Nutrition support can help find a solution to all these issues. It will improve your skills and also increase your knowledge on how and why and what. With good skills and knowledge, you’ll be able to manage your nutrition according to your needs. A balanced, healthy diet helps support your immune health, provide you with energy for your training and help your body adapt to the training load. When you race, you’ll be well prepared and ready to do a good race. When you need to optimise your body composition or weight, you’ll not go to bed hungry because there’s a better, safer way to do that.

All my suggestions are evidence based. Nutrition support is not based on myths and trends but should be based on current scientific evidence. That’s what you’ll find here.

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