Sports Dietician & Sports Scientist

Master’s Degree in Sport Science – Kinesiology, University of Salzburg

Master’s Degree in Dietetics with emphasis in Sports, University of Utah

Master’s Degree in Roman Languages – Italian, University of Salzburg

ISAK-Level 2-Anthropometrist, Accredited Training Therapist, Tennis Instructor, Nordic Walking Instructor,  Taping Kinesiotape Level 1 & 2

German, English, Italian, French

  • Nutrition consultation Olympic Centre Salzburg-Rif 
  • Cooperations & Projects Austrian Tennis Federation (through Tennis Academy Salzburg-Rif)
  • Nutrition consultation Austrian Skiing Federation (through Olympic centre Salzburg-Rif)
  • Nutrition consultation Austrian Cycling Federation (individual riders)
  • Nutrition consultation Austrian Rowing Federation
  • UCI World Tour Riders
  • UCI Women’s World Tour Riders
  • The Cyclist’s Alliance
  • Austrian Olympic Committee
  • Salzburger Schulsportmodell (SSM)
  • Red Bull Salzburg
  • Austrian Tennis Federation
  • Austrian Skiing Federation
  • Austrian Soccer Federation
  • Austrian Cycling Federation
  • UCI World Tour Teams & Riders (e.g. BMC Racing Team)
  • Consultant Various Professional Cycling Teams
  • UCI Women’s World Tour Teams & Riders (e.g. Team Virtu Cycling)
  • US Speed Skating
  • Australian Skiing
  • Olympic Centre Linz, Upper Austria
  • University of Salzburg
  • Fachhochschule Bern, Schweiz
  • Salzburger Schulsportmodell (SSM)
  • Universitätssportinstitut Salzburg (USI)
  • UMIT Hall/Tirol
  • Lehrtätigkeit University of Utah
  • Bundessportakademie


Scientific Interest Groups & Societies

  • European College of Sport Science (ECSS)
  • American College of Sport Medicine (ACSM)
  • Professionals in Nutrition for Exercise and Sports (PINES)
  • American Nutrition Academy (ADA)
  • Österreichische Gesellschaft für Ernährung (ÖGE)
  • Österreichische Gesellschaft for Sporternährung (ÖGSE; expert panel)
  • European Sport Nutrition Society (ESNS)


Projects & Collaborations

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