Successful cooking starts with well planned shopping. We’re going through difficult times and it’s important to plan ahead. We shouldn’t go shopping every day. The less often we have to do grocery shopping, the better! That’s why it’s important that we pan our shopping well and think about what we are going to cook in the next couple of days.

Healthy, balanced eating is not just getting fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, unprocessed foods. A balanced diet should also include a variety of foods. Every day smoothing new or different somewhere so that our body is provided with different nutrients that haven’t been on the menu the day before. In order to bring all foods home we will need, here’s a comprehensive check list for foods and other items:

Shopping List Food & Household


Variety is very important in the diet of an athlete. Now that training intensity and volume is decreased due to lockdown or because many gyms and training centers are closed variety and quality are important. Portions need to be adjusted due to less training load, nutrient density, however, should still remain high to cover daily needs (esp. micronutrients).

To make sure various nutrients sources find their way into our shopping trolley, the document lists different types and varieties. Maybe the one will find items he/she would have forgotten, others find ideas to bring some more variety into their diet. And why not try new recipes, now that we are all at home? Not every new recipe is complicated, but most of them are healthier than take-away or prepared foods from the supermarket. Let’s take some time to plan our shopping and use the time at home to bring more quality and variety onto our plate. It all starts with a good shopping list and recipes will follow in the next days.