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It is about a year that we met in Colorado Springs and talked about the sport of cycling. Clinical sport nutrition and cycling. Performance, weight, psychology, medicine and nutrition. Different disciplines together looking at the issue of weight and unhealthy eating in cycling. I have seen some unhealthy eating in cycling, yes, and at some point I decided Read more »

Avocados are a healthy food rich in several nutrients that are important for our immune system. They are also high in fat but most of it’s fat is good fat (unsaturated fat). Several studies have shown that there are beneficial effects from including avocados into our diet.

There’s no reason why avocados shouldn’t be part of our diet. But this doesn’t mean you’ve to eat several avocados every day. It’s healthy but it is still a food that is also high in fat. At the end of the day if you eat a a whole avocado every day, you still consume a lot fat which is not good for you. Too much healthy fat is also unhealthy because I am sure you consume other fat with your foods too, it’s not just the fat of one avocado per day.


There are other healthy foods that are beneficial as well – and that are local while avocados are not grown nor harvested in many European countries. My suggestion: think of the carbon footprint, so I’d say don’t exaggerate with avocado consumption. 😉 Read more »

It’s been several years that we’ve heard of coconut oil as the magic fat that is plant based and healthy and another superfood. We know from dietary recommendations that fats that come from plants are healthier than those that come from animals. The food industry is aware of that and, hence, is promoting vegetable oils as the better fat. Which is also correct. However, there have been two oils in particular that have made it into almost every product. Palm oil and coconut oil. Both come from plants. Both are pretty stable oils, solid at room temperature. And both contain mostly saturated fatty acids. This is an important difference to other vegetable oils such as olive or canola oil, walnut oil or linseed oil. Those oils are liquid at room temperature, contain mostly unsaturated oils which are said to be beneficial for humans. Read more »