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Gluten is a topic that still is of big interest to many people, to MANY athletes. Is it good? Is it bad? But what about bread in general? Do we know what bread we’re eating every day? The ingredients in our bread are making it a food rich in nutrients such as minerals, protein, fibre or a food with little to no value (low nutrient density).
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It’s been around forever: milk causes increased mucus production in athletes, it’s better to avoid it. Usually, the problem of increased mucus production is linked to respiratory diseases such as asthma. Researchers have investigated the hypothesis in this population to understand that problem better but could only confirm that the link exists in a small subgroup of people with asthma.

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FODMAP has been in the news quite a lot in the past months. Also athletes have heard or FODMAP and some have decided to switch to a FODMAP diet because they feel great. But what is FODMAP and is a low FODMAP diet meant to become our usual diet?





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