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eat healthy!Sports nutrition deals with nutrition and performance and how these two components interact. It is a blend of nutrition and exercise physiology, thus it is important to look at both for a better performance. Questions such as how much fluid and food does an athlete need or how many nutrients (carbs, proteins, fat, vitamins, minerals) are needed in order to maintain health are one focus in the field of sports nutrition.Other goals in sports nutrition include the prevention of disease and nutrient deficiencies, and weight management. In some cases, we can improve our performance by better weight management and it’s an important part of training. Actually, proper nutrition is a big help and a major influence in weight management. But performance can also be improved by good recovery, and, indeed, nutrition has an important role in the recovery process. Only with good fueling we can recover fast from intense training and competitions.

Besides recovery and weight management, we deal with a good strategy and good nutrition timing. Athletes should know what to eat before, during and after exercise to compromise health and to give their body what it needs to stay healthy and recover. Without adequate nutrition it is almost impossible to maintain health and training volume, or to increase intensity and volume.

Good sports nutrition is based on the individual’s sport, social life and goals, and helps the athlete to realize the full potential.