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Spices and what people associate with them

Many peoples use spices with their food for various reasons. I wanted to check out what is used around the globe and why. It was an interesting journey though the cuisines. NOT EVERY CLAIM IS EVIDENCE BASED which means be careful with your interpretation. Here are some of the main ingredients for a healthy, conscious, tasty and spicy food:

  • Chili makes the food tasty
  • Mustard is used all over the world
  • Garlic is healthy
  • Onion is a friend with every other food
  • Ginger makes you fall in love, stimulates
  • Coriander detoxifies

  • Cumin, caraway and black cumin are easy on the stomach
  • Fenugrec (fenugreek) provides power and energy
  • Nutmeg fights fatigue after eating
  • Pimento (allspice) facilitates digestion
  • Anise and fennel are digestives
  • Ajowan is the favorite spice for vegetarians
  • Cloves kill germs
  • Cinnamon is a panacea, magic bullet
  • Cardamom fights bloating
  • Turmeric supports the gallbladder
  • Safran makes food easy digestible
  • Basil is the jelly for the Indians
  • Rosemary calms the stomach
  • Chives is a vitamin bomb
  • Marjoram Oregano are old cultivated plants
  • Thyme is a medical drug
  • Celery stimulates appetite
  • Dill helps against headaches
  • Parsley is a popular seasoning
  • Peppermint makes cheerful and refreshed
  • Sage is a cure

Have fun the next time using any of the above mentioned spices!