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Smoothies – how do you know whether it’s a good one?

Once smoothies were launched, most of them were made with fresh fruit and they were packed with nutrients. Meanwhile smoothies have become a power food and there are many products on the market which are not at all a natural, organic, nutrient packed beverage.

How can you determine whether the product you have in hand is a good one or not? Well, there are a few easy tricks which may help you:

Start with looking at the label. Are you familiar with all the ingredients? How many of the terms listed seem strange? How many of them have you never heard of? How many of them are actual foods and how many are chemical abbreviations and codes? The more of the latter you can identify on the list, the less quality is in that smoothie.

But: Just because it contains fruits doesn’t mean the beverage is a smoothie! There’re people who say that healthy and sustainable prepared smoothies – contain no preservatives

– contain no artificial flavorings

– contain no concentrate

– were prepared with unpeeled ingredients (that goes for fruit / fruit with edible or palatable cup)

– were little or not pasteurized (which, however, has a negative effect on their durability)

– ideally contain organic products from regional agriculture (which limits variety but that’s ok. think local).

These requirements are admittedly quite challenging, usually only freshly prepared smoothies from regional fruit or varieties can also comply with all criteria.

Numerous industrial suppliers endeavor now, however, to meet so many of these features as possible.

Unfortunately not all. Consumer advocates warn for example that additives such as the “E-numbers” are added to many products. Often such smoothies are therefore relatively low in vitamins and nutrients, but contain still a high amount of sugar and preservatives. Check the label the next time you stand in front of a fridge with smoothie!