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Semolina – for training, dessert or as side dish

Most of us remember semolina when they think back to what our mother or grandma prepared when we were little. A bowl of semolina with chocolate, honey or some jam on top; sometimes cooked with milk, sometimes with water. At least where I grew up that’s what people are familiar with.


Semolina is also a great ingredient for simple energy squares to fuel on a training ride, during a day-long tournament or during a session in the gym. In some sports, semolina with nuts or topped with some nut butter is a great snack. For others, sweet, easy digestible semolina pudding is the way to go. There are also many recipes for recovery meals, lunches and dinners: sweet desserts or snacks during the day but also spicy semolina slices as side dish to meat or fish.


Here’s just one idea of how to use semolina for training. Cook it, bake it, wrap it, eat it. ­čśë


Sweet semolina slices recipe

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