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Quinoa Smoothie

A smoothie is a good way to put many nutrients in just one glass/cup. Although this can also be risky for people who need to pay attention to their calorie intake, it is always good to have one on the daily plan. Depending on the calorie needs, the recipe can be adjusted. Little carbohydrates, less fibre or ore protein – there are many ways to prepare a smoothie and to modify a recipe. In the end one part of my job is to modify recipes if they do’t fit and when I look at an athlete’s train plan, one smoothie doesn’t fit into every day. my recipes need some adjustment.

The one here is one that is also enriched with quinoa, adds some fibre and carbohydrates and gives the smoothie a special touch. It’s a good one to have on the way to school or work, on the way to the airport or at noon when there’s no time for lunch.

Quinoa smoothie

Quinoa smoothie engl