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I talked myself into a challenge last night at dinner and I am ready for it. We had Swiss Apfelstrudel (apple strudel) for dessert and I got to rate it based on a scale 1-10. Honestly, it’s impossible to give a 10 when you compare it to the one my mum makes at home. There’s nothing better than Apfelstrudel from my mum. And Austrian Strudel is just the best, there’s no doubt about that. I didn’t want to be too strict, so I gave it a five. But…talking about the Austrian cuisine and our sweets (Mehlspeisen), I mentioned our tradition and different recipes at dinner. People always tend to think of cakes and cookies when you talk about sweets but our Austrian tradition is so much more than that. We have many good recipes. Some are consumed as main meal, some as dessert. It’s not only Sachertorte what we have in Austria, it’s Kaiserschmarren, Zwetschkenknödel, Apfelnudeln, Grießschmarren, Salzburger Nockerl and many more goodies. Hard for others to imagine because it doesn’t exist in other cuisines. I still remember the Tour of Austria when a few years ago we got Kaiserschmarren at dinner. Nobody wanted to taste it. They didn’t know which meal category this belonged to. There were 3 different types of Kaiserschmarren and I had all of them. Yummy. So last night we had Swiss apple strudel and I told many stories about our Austrian Mehlspeisen. The end of the story last night: I agreed to make some Mehlspeise the next time I will be with the team. I don’t know right now what my next race is but this group will then get to taste some Mehlspeise. The clock is counting down…Mehlspeisen challenge.


Today’s Saturday and so now we are almost there. One night lies between the attempt and us. It was a special day today because you go through so many processes, steps and thoughts, and in many cases you think “ok, I’ll do this one more time and it will be the last one because tomorrow is the race“. For example the menu planning. Today was almost as important as tomorrow because today is the fundament for tomorrow. If you don’t eat enough or well today, there is no chance to catch up with an XXL breakfast or pre-race meal. It just would not be enough for an effort like the hour record. Many events have a pasta party the night before but a big plate of pasta won’t replenish your glycogen stores. It will increase the glycogen but your tank is not full.


When Rohan left for the training session today, I had already organized the plan for post-training to make sure he is carbo loaded tomorrow 2.00 pm. The breakfast was the first carbohydrate serving this morning and it continued all day. The training took out just little glycogen today but I want him to refill it right after the effort. As I mentioned yesterday, there’s different approaches to carbo load and often it is high in fat. I made sure today that the fat in the food was minimal and the carbohydrate content was high. The higher the carbohydrate content, the easier to replenish the stores. Cereals for breakfast is already an excellent start. To make it easier for Rohan and to give him some variety in food, I decided to add a nice smoothie to our carbo loading protocol for today. It’s nutrient dense, low in fat, high in carbohydrates and if you add the right ingredients, it tastes great.

The training today was easy. All went well and the group did a final check up.


To be on time, I left the training early, walked back to the hotel and straight into the kitchen. I had bought everything fresh at the market this morning, so I was set for the smoothie. Later when I came up from the kitchen, Rohan just entered the hotel, he was back from training and I heard him say with a happy voice „I get my smoothie now. Where’s my smoothie?“. I was prepared, the smoothie was waiting in the kitchen. Everything is running smoothly 😉


Because the morning will be hectic tomorrow, the suitcase is ready for pick-up now that it is late pre-race day. Tomorrow it’s all about the race. What can be done today, should be done today, so that tomorrow there’s more time to focus on Rohan’s pre-race preparation and less stress in the kitchen. Overall, the evening was quiet, a final meeting to run through the schedule of the race day and make sure everyone knows what needs to be done tomorrow. After that I finally had some time to work on the other races. When you are at a race, then of course you focus on this one but there’re other things happening at the same time and other athletes in different parts of Europe who need your support as well. Today when I checked my emails, I read many emails from all the BMC Racing Team. Everyone wishing Rohan luck. Everyone convinced he can do it. We’re one big BMC family and it’s great to see how everyone – here in Grenchen or at home or at another race – is excited and following us and supporting Rohan for his race tomorrow in Grenchen.


I am set and I have my agenda ready for the race day. I also got a little surprise for Rohan for tomorrow. Often in life, it’s the little things that make the difference. The surprise should be a little extra support and encouragement, and should push him through the hour. Come on Rohan, you can do it.





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