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It’s cold and windy here in Switzerland and I am happy that the hour record takes place inside. There is no way you could race outside in these days because also the winds are gusty which makes it feel even colder than it is already. The walk to and from the velodrome seems a little battle with the wind but so far he lost every time.

As we get closer to Sunday we fine tune everything. One thing that is important for me is the pre race meal. Athletes have different approaches to their breakfast and pre-race fueling. For me there is no way around a good strategy for the morning of a race day. Sunday will be a big day and so the strategy for the pre-race meal needs to be clear. There are many ways to fuel up for a race and it’s interesting to watch different athletes with very different approaches. Maybe you saw this too: chocolate bar, pasta, rice, a big omelet, sandwiches, cereals, bratwurst, burger; some even may have pizza before when the start is late in the day. There are good and bad choices and a big omelet with bacon and cheese or bratwurst with fries just before the race is for sure a bad one.


I was thinking about Rohan’s race day and the group talked it through and I planned my part for Rohan. The pre-race meal should you provide with some extra energy for the race and it should not be a meal that sits in the stomach for hours before the muscles are using the energy provided through this meal. So make it a light one.

Rohan has had many pre-race meals in the past, he’s done many races but that doesn’t mean I don’t think about it now. Also because I need to arrange the race day with the kitchen and make sure they serve what is needed before the hour record. It may sound stupid but if you’re professional and precise, you always want to double check to be sure they are preparing it correctly. Let’s take rice: Many cyclists eat rice before a race. Rice is easy to prepare but I know and have learned that there are many different ways how people prepare plain rice. Some kitchens just make plain rice, some sauté onions and add them to the pan before the rice is cooked, some add butter, some add oil. Everything is possible. That’s why I want to make sure they prepare Rohan’s pre-race meal the way I think it is best. I double checked with the kitchen and they prepared a pre-race meal today. I could check and I was happy with the result, and also Rohan seemed fine. One more thing off the list for Sunday.




The training was again in the velodrome today and Rohan rocked the track on his bike. I don’t know if it was the pre-race meal he tried this morning or just the overall condition. For sure I can say that the pre-race meal didn’t make him go slow, so that’s a point for me 🙂 The media is also present here now in Grenchen and they watch everything and everyone, want to record every detail of us as well to get the details of the daily routine at the track. This all means the crowd around Rohan gets bigger every day. Luckily, he is easy to spot in his suit, so it’s easier to follow him and make sure he’s eating and drinking when he needs to.

Also the group in the hotel got pretty big now. We still have only one rider here but the table in the restaurant has gotten longer and there’s more noise in the room than at the beginning of the week. I sometimes feel it’s already too much noise for Rohan. I spoke to the restaurant to make sure they don’t lose the focus and keep him priority. It’s only two more days and then it’s D-day so the focus needs to be on Rohan.


Every day you try to relax a bit and find an hour for yourself. We are a big group and we are all quite active people. If you get up early, there’s time in the morning to do some exercise. It’s too cold here to go out for a run, but you can still have an hour for yourself, read or relax and start your day with some tie for yourself. It’s the only time that is yours because later during the day you are busy and when you come back to your room it’s time to rest. Too tired to exercise. Today, though, we found an hour in the afternoon. All BMC staff in the velodrome to sweat and be active for an hour. Lot’s of fun and good for your mind. Leave all the work in your room and bring your heart rate up and sweat. Rider support is important but the support can only be at its best with the staff feeling great. We’ve a good staff here and the spirit is good. Today’s active hour in the velodrome confirmed that too.

When I look at the time now it’s after midnight. Two more days to go and time for some sleep to be fresh tomorrow. The food room needs some more food; the hour bread is finished.




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