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In the news this morning they were talking about the increasing number of people with flu-like symptoms in the country. This wave must have hit some of the people here as well because many have a scratchy throat or a runny nose. This means infection prevention is highlighted. You need to be careful and pay attention to hygiene on those days. Make sure you keep the virus away from Rohan. Keep your hands clean, wash them often, and avoid other people who are sneezing and coughing. And if you are sneezing, just stay away from Rohan. The BMC Racing Team has been pretty good in the past with infection prevention. It’s a little piece in the big picture but quite an important one that can make the difference.

Because of that flu wave I went to fill up the food room with some extra nutrient dense foods. You better have some extra fruit to build a good defense shield against the virus. The walk and the hour in the fresh air were not bad either.

The days are long for an athlete when he’s not riding his bike for a few hours. There are ways to fill the time but I know he also needs some rest to be fresh on Sunday. If it wasn’t about the hour record, I would go and get all the produce, meat and grains I need for lunch and dinner and prepare the meals with the rider. Cooking together is also nice and if you’re in a group and preparing dinner together, it’s fun too. I’ve great memories of all the cooking classes I have done with athletes in the past, big groups and smaller groups. Teach them how to make simple foods or how to put different snacks together appropriate for certain times of your training day. You could do many different snacks for your post-training nutrition…there’s abundant choices when it comes to food, yet almost endless are the possibilities for a post-training snack.

The good thing about such cooking classes or workshops is that you interact a lot, get new ideas and learn a lot by doing it. Hands-on experience is the key and I’ve seen that a lot with athletes. Pretty much everyone knows how to cook spaghetti, but there’s so much more you can do to refill your glycogen stores after ride other than eating a plate of spaghetti. Spaghetti is just the start! And then imagine you bring a coupe of riders together, each one from a different country. That’s so many different traditions that come together and the result is a great one. To be honest, I always learn and take home a lot from those evenings too.

But now is not the time for sport nutrition workshops. After Feb 8 I will be free and available for cooking classes again. Today we are only five days away from Sunday and the hour record attempt. Now it’s important to put together what works and what covers the needs. With the flu entering into the country, colors on the plate will be important. Watch your nutrient density 🙂 Rohan’s been pretty good in doing that. His plates have been colorful. We won’t have the flu come into our group, we build resistance. Together we’re strong, right?


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