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Another day here in Grenchen. Rohan’s coach arrived today and the team is almost complete. Only a few people are missing and will arrive till the end of the week. It’s amazing for some when they see that there is one rider and a big group of support staff around him. Indeed, it’s a big group when you think that this is only one rider. But for certain events that’s necessary and for the hour record this is certainly the case.

Most of us have been together now for a few days and we get into our routine here. Everyone has his/her role and we try to build this wall around Rohan which supports him, protects him and brings him into the condition to beat the hour record on Sunday. We all know he can do it. He’s a great cyclist.

In the afternoon I walked to the velodrome to watch Rohan train. It was a good session and it was good to see him on the bike. He’s becoming friends with the track there and I know they will be good friends by Sunday.



As for nutrition I had a vegetable-tuna bake on the menu for today. Like every day I checked with the responsible person and made sure the menu was ok and we would be served what I had on my plan. I needed to make some adjustments to the menu based on yesterday and I also needed to double check with the cook to make sure my requests would be ok. The cook didn’t know the bake recipe so he asked me to write it up for him. It is really great that he is so open to cook what I want him to cook. I would love to prepare the meals myself, this would give me even more control over the meals, but so far we have been coordinating pretty well and I was sure this will continue also with the vegetable tuna bake for tonight. It turned out to be no problem at all. All the ingredients, all the extras were fine for the kitchen, so I was relaxed and happy. At dinner they presented a big oven dish. To me it actually looked like a big Salzburger Nockerl but it was a really tasty vegetable-tuna bake. And we finished it all. Great group effort!

As a nutritionist you have your ideas and you want your athlete to consume all the nutrients he needs: you prepare something and mix into it  all the different nutrients to make sure they eat a little bit of everything. This was also my idea today – fish, carbohydrates, vegetables all in one meal and serving. Easy for us and easy and ideal for Rohan. He seems happy so far, no complaints. Also jet lag doesn’t seem to bother him too much. I was worried about digestion and appetite but till now I see no issues with that. Maybe the bread is also helping. It’s nice when Rohan puts his head into the door, grabs a slice, smiles, turns and goes back to his room. What more can I ask for than a happy, satisfied, healthy athlete?

Grapes hour bread


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