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First full day here in Grenchen. When I woke up in the morning I saw the same picture as yesterday. Snow on the roads and on the cars. Luckily, this morning I didn’t have to get out because I am where I need to be for the rest of the day.

It’s going to be the first training day, so today I needed to make sure the breakfast was alright and everything was there for Rohan. When I got don there though, he was sitting there already. He had had his coffee and his breakfast because he was awake before the rest of the group. Oh yes, Mr. Jet Lag is here!  The breakfast buffet in the hotel is simple and our breakfast box was not down there when Rohan was up. I had brought some special cereals for him to make the start into the day a good one for him. Little surprise or present for Rohan.

As I said last night, I wanted to go over the menu with the kitchen to confirm and double check, and that’s what I did this morning. It’s actually very nice here. The chef is great and does everything I ask him. I had some meals on my menu that are not part of the restaurants usual menu but he is fine with making them for me. So I only need to write down some of the recipes and give them to him, then we’ll be set and Rohan will get a nice, healthy and well balanced menu this week, leading him to the hour record attempt on Sunday.


I thought today I would focus and tell a little bit about the food room. People have heard about it and know it has to do with food but for me the food room is much more. Indeed, it’s the place where athletes can stop by to grab a snack or a bottle of water. For me as a sport nutritionist, timing and recovery are very important. I tell my athletes over and over again how important it is to fuel and to snack after training. Because there are some whom you don’t see again once you’re in the hotel or training is over. They don’t eat, they don’t drink until dinner. So the food room is what comes into play there. I usually set it up with a variety of carbohydrate containing foods, some protein, fluids and a tiny bit of foods just for the mood. The latter is often called “bad food” because usually people think you are not allowed to have them. There is no bad food! Chocolate will always be on my training table or in the food room. A piece of chocolate can have more advantage than hiding it from the athletes. And I am sure they feel better with some chocolate than without.

The food room is also a place where we meet. Athletes come in, staff comes in, the team doctor stops by and we chat, we joke, we talk about the race, the training or whatever…you can talk about anything if you feel you need to talk about and share with someone. Food is a way to bring people together, to talk, communicate. There are days when you are having a small reunion in the food room because a group of people sit down and chat while snacking on some food. And that’s what it is about, it’s about team spirit, communication and exchanging news and feelings. Grab a piece of homemade bread, sit down and talk. The door to the food room is always open. For staff and riders. It’s a great way to finish off your race day.

I love having and managing the food room and setting up the training table. I love if probably because of the interaction with all the team that is happening there.


It’s late again, and I realize how tired I am now that I am writing this post. Maybe time to get some sleep to be fresh and full of energy tomorrow morning.


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