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I am on the way to Grenchen. When I left home, it was snowing and the few cars were moving slowly. My suitcase was heavy, I seemed heavier than usual. I am sure there’s stuff in there I won’t need but you better bring all you think you could need rather than forgetting half the things at home.


Rohan and I arrived in Switzerland on time and the group is together now in the hotel. Dinner was a nice first get together for the people already here in Switzerland. I had a chance to check out the kitchen and go over the menu for tomorrow. It’s always important to have a good relationship with the hotel and in my particular case the kitchen of course. If there are any problems evolving, you need to be able to find a compromise and fix it. If there’s a problem with the kitchen staff, then it will be hard to fix it but if you get along well, then everything is running smoothly. And that’s what you need when you work with athletes. Schedules change all the time, meals are postponed or you eat on the go and so one key for success is flexibility. If you’re not flexible, it’s hard. And you need to be creative as well. How do you get your athlete to cover his needs when there are surprise changes to schedules or other issues going on. Most of the time I think I am pretty good at it, but, yes, there’ve been times when it didn’t work out too.


While Rohan is asleep now, it’s time for me now to go over the menus again. There was no chef here tonight. so we need to go over the menu again tomorrow. I planned the whole week but in the end you go day-by-day also based on the athlete’s condition.

SN at work
When I work on my menus, I try to include new ideas here and there. Of course I have my key ingredients I put into the menu cycle pretty much every time but then I am also this type of person who wants to try out new things and new foods. When I go back home from a race, I start my home-trials and experiment with foods. Baking, roasting, grilling steaming…endless possibilities.

So now I sit here, in the middle of the night with plenty of ideas, working on the menu. Tomorrow we will see who the first day goes, how Rohan is dealing with jet lag and how we all from the BMC Racing Team deal with the event coming closer.

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