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News from the hour_10 Finish line

5.30 this morning was the time when I got up. Too many thoughts kept running through my head to sleep until later. Rohan needed to start his day at 8.00 but for me the day started earlier. When he got up, the team around him had already organized the first steps into the race day for him. For me the first contribution to that was the breakfast. Race day with one hour on the track bike meant high energy expenditure. Rohan needed full glycogen stores for that. To make sure he is in that condition, the breakfast was very high in carbohydrates: big serving of cereals, dairy, fruit, honey, juice and some coffee. When he finished breakfast, half of the group was already at the velodrome to set up the bike and all warm-up area. It was quiet in the hotel and you could feel the tension and the nervousness.


I was in the kitchen to prepare the pre-race meal when the owner of the hotel came and asked me about the last few days and our stay. He seemed really excited, also the kitchen staff was talking about the hour record and when it would start and where they would watch it. They had been part of the week leading up to the event and wanted to see what all the work we had been doing was for. All the staff there was asking me about the hour attempt today. Even waitresses who usually don’t care about cycling were really excited. There was a hype in the hotel and it was great to be part of that. I have to say they have been great to work with. I felt home in the kitchen and hotel in general but I could really feel home because they made it possible.


IMG_20150208_105055The pre-race meal was served on time. But when Rohan arrived, not only did he find his pasta meal on the table, my little surprise was waiting there for him as well. A lucky charm for today. That made him smile. And inwardly I hoped it would give him the last bit of luck to break the current record


After the meal there was not much time left before Rohan had to leave to the velodrome. I had to leave as well to continue to support him during his warm-up. Step by step, minute after minute we got closer to 14.00 o’clock. His lucky charm was there with us as well…


Then the start. I was certain he had fueled up well but yet still was afraid my calculations and preparations were wrong. As we got closer to the hour, I felt more comfortable and when the old record was broken, I was happy. Very happy and proud to be part of this chapter of the BMC Racing Team. The whole team – Allan, Max, David, Macro, Neal, Marc, Jackson, BMC staff on site – has done a great job, and so did Rohan.


The last item on my to do list of the event was the recovery, everything that would happen after that was up to Rohan. He deserved it. And he got his burger and enjoyed it. Great job Rohan. So proud of you!!

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