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The hour, it’s been many times that I thought about one hour in the last weeks. I just got home from a trip and don’t have a lot of time at home because tomorrow morning I’ll be on the way to Switzerland. This means I am going to leave again very soon. This time it is not going to be a race like many others. There will be just one rider, Rohan Dennis, and all will be fitted to him. He will do an hour record attempt on Feb 8 in Grenchen, Switzerland, and I will be there to support him as much as possible.


Being the BMC Racing Team nutritionist doesn’t mean you work only when you are traveling with the team. I leave only tomorrow but already days ago I ran through everything for the next few days. Usually you find everything you need in Switzerland but it’s better to bring all the basics already, so you don’t rely on the infrastructure there and are set for the first days. Too, the training days need to be organized, you need to plan ahead, the meals and also the snacks in between. It may seem like it’s only a mid-afternoon snack but for me a snack has some particular role in the 24 hr-window which we usually call a day. You may screw it up once and it doesn’t make a big difference but if you screw the snack up day after day, you will feel the difference at some point, I am pretty sure. There needs to be some structure in your snacks and meals and the more mature you are, the more mindful you are, the better are your choices and the better is probably the structure of snacks and meals.


For me it is also important to know the quality of the food we are eating and we are providing.  It has happened too often in the past that you think you get something healthy, a salad at the salt bar, and then you find out your stomach doesn’t like it so much. To be sure there is only good things in the food, I quite often decide to make and prepare foods myself. For the next week I was planning the snacks. We won’t have a cook there and I won’t have the possibility bake so it’s going to be either pre-packed or fresh food. However, when I had prepared my luggage today, I went to check which foods I had in my pantry and took out what I thought would be ok for a fruit cake. Now the cake is baked, it looks great and it is waiting to be brought to Switzerland for Rohan Dennis. The hour bread. He’ll enjoy it in the next days in the food room: whole grains, dried fruits and a lots of fiber.


Now it’s almost midnight. My suitcase if full with things to bring to Grenchen including the bread. The alarm is set for 5.00 am and I should get some sleep now. I thought I would enjoy an easy day at home but when I thought so, I forgot that I would be on my way to the next event soon.


Grenchen, I am coming…


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