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If there’s one thing I am certain of, it’s that in Austria we’ve the best desserts and Mehlspeisen. No other country can beat us in that. Some of them are really heavy but others are great recipes and can serve as a way to refuel or prepare for a race. Like with everything else, it depends on the recipe! Some original recipes need modification to be appropriate for an athlete’s close to competition. Of course, there’s also time (there must be!) for the original version. Eating those treats is part of our culture, it’s part of us – but it should be at the right time when you’re an elite athlete.


One recipe that often makes it onto the menu is Kaiserschmarren. It’s a traditional dessert, sometimes also eaten as main dish. Occasionally, restaurants serve heavy versions with (too much) fat used in cooking but if you’re a good cook or pay attention to using only minimal fat, Kaiserschmarren is a great carbohydrate rich meal. I’ve been using it for my athletes and it also made its way onto the menu in the Österreich Haus at past Olympic Games. And it did so this year as well. So, if you’re around in PyeongChang, stop by at the Österreich Haus and serve yourself… 😉


Here’s the recipe.


Kaiserschmarren (english)