You can follow the perfect training program but only with your diet adjusted to that you will reach your full potential. It is well accepted that nutrition is a key player in maximising training outcome and performance, and reaching good health.

My nutrition support offers several options to make sure you reach your full potential. I provide evidence based nutrition advice with a personalised sports nutrition plan that meets your individual needs.

Reach your personal goals. Change your life now.

Nutrition Counseling & Coaching

The individualised approach to sports nutrition. From an initial assessment to dietary analysis to nutrition planning and personal consultation to make sure you perform at your best.

Cooking Workshop

Hands-on experiences are the best way to learn and experience foods. Workshops are a great opportunity for practical application and improve your nutrition skills.

Anthropometric Assessment

Measuring body weight and shape, and body composition helps track nutritional adequacy and health status.

Guided Grocery Shopping Tours

A visit to the supermarket helps you get your shopping right and know what to pay attention to when you visit a supermarket.

Supplement Analysis

To supplement or not to supplement? Analysis of your dietary supplements helps to make sure you only take what’s necessary if it’s necessary.

Nutrition Webinars & Classes

Online webinars and classes help you improve your nutrition knowledge and gain a better understanding of key elements of an athlete’s nutrition.

Meal Planning, Recipe Analysis & Modification

Meal planning helps you get the timing and quantities right to perfectly fuel your training and race day. If you’ve a favorite recipe, a recipe analysis and modification help you make sure it fits your needs.

Nutrition Talk

Sometimes it’s also good to sit down and talk sports nutrition topics. For parents, health professionals, coaches, teachers, and athlete.

Super-Combo Performance & Nutrition Check-up

Why only think about nutrition? A combination of performance and nutrition checks makes sure you train in the right zones and your diet provides you with all the necessary nutrients.


These race nutrition support options help you get it right on your big race day. Or maybe you’re facing a long way back from injury and/or surgery. Rehab nutrition support helps you support your body’s healing.


Nutrition Counseling & Coaching

We start with an initial meeting to assess the current situation and goals. You will receive a detailed analysis of your current nutrition intake along with recommendations for improvement and a individualised, detailed action plan. This includes the different types of foods/fluids that improve your performance. Follow-ups help make the next steps and bring you on track and closer to your personal goal. If necessary and/or easier, consultations can be online.

  • 1 hr consultation € 96.-
  • Online-consultation € 96.-

Comprehensive program

  • Initial assessment
  • Assessment of calorie and nutrient needs
  • Dietary analysis (5-day food diary)
  • Follow-up with ongoing assessment and support
  • Individual nutrition plan
  • Additional services (supplement analysis, anthropometric assessment, super-combination)


  • 4-week program € 230.-*
  • 8-week program € 395.-*
  • 12-week program € 565.-*

(*cost may change in certain cases)

Anthropometric Assessment

Body composition and body shape are very important in certain sports. To know your body composition helps create an action plan for your to get into race shape. Also, monitoring your body composition during a season or dietary intervention makes sure that you are on track and your body is getting all the nutrients it needs.

Anthropometric assessment according to ISAK-protocol € 90.-

Supplement Analysis

You have been taking some supplements and need guidance on those? I have a look at them, check the quality, ingredients and directions for use to see whether that products is appropriate for you. Based on a dietary analysis, I also provide feedback on whether you need to supplement or not.

Supplement Analysis € 90.-

Meal Planning, Recipe Analysis & Modification

You provide meals to sport teams or individual athletes and need some meal plans to make sure it’s a good athlete’s menu? I assess your situation and create a meal plan for you so your meals meet your athlete’s needs.

You may have a recipe at home and don’t know if it’s appropriate for your needs? I run a recipe analysis and suggest some modifications if necessary.


  • 1-week menu cycle € 78.-
  • 4-week menu cycle € 246.-
  • Recipe analysis & modification € 66.- (may change for complex recipes)

Super-combination Performance Testing & Nutrition Check-up

You want to make sure you are training in the right zones and your diet meets your needs? This is the unique and perfect option for you. I analyse your diet based on a 5-day food log and run a performance test (lactate) to provide you with your personal dietary guidelines and training zones for your training days.

Super-combo € 195.-

Cooking Workshop

You can have the best handout but it’s hands-on experiences where we best learn and experience nutrition. Workshops offer a great opportunity to learn about sports nutrition and improve your skills.

Workshops address different aspects of an athlete’s nutrition. You learn how to fuel your training, how to carbo-load, how to recover, why protein is important, how easy meals can provide you with the sufficient amount of important nutrients, how to increase the quality of your diet, which snacks will work for you during travel days. And a lot more – check back on my website for upcoming workshops.

  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Participants: 4-8

Workshop  750.- (expenses for food and travel costs not included)

Guided Grocery Shopping Tours

Supermarkets have become overwhelming. So many different products that apparently contain the same raw ingredients. A guided shopping tour helps you identify foods that are appropriate for you. You learn how to read a food label and what to look for on the label. We create your individual shopping list to make sure you have all important nutrient sources at home when you come back from training to prepare a high-quality recovery meal.

  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Participants: 1-4

Guided Shopping Tour € 185.- (travel costs not included)

Nutrition Webinars and Classes

Webinars are great way to provide nutrition information. Why not attend a nutrition webinar and learn the latest on sports nutrition topics? These 50-minute sessions will help improve your nutrition knowledge. You receive the pdf of the slides after the webinar.

Webinar € 29.50.- per person

Nutrition Talk

You want your team to learn about sports nutrition? You want to make sure the parents of your athletes know the basics of sport nutrition? A nutrition talk for your sport helps you to brief your group on cornerstones of top sports nutrition.

60-minute talk € 420.- (travel costs not included)


You want to prepare well for your big goal this year and want a race plan? This is a unique opportunity. We have a look at your big goal this season and I create your individual race nutrition plan.

You want more and dream of on-site support during your big race? I support you during your race, so you only need to think about performing. You won’t need to worry about race nutrition, I take care of that for you!

Sometimes it doesn’t go the way we want. Unfortunately, injuries and surgeries are part of an athlete’s life. A nutrition plan for your rehabilitation phase makes sure you support healing and come back stronger.

  • Race nutrition plan: € 96.- (might change depending on competition format)
  • On-site race support: € 720.- (travel costs not included)
  • Rehabilitation nutrition plan: € 180.-

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