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Fighting the flu and much more

Oh yeah, it’s that time of the year again! Winter. I’ve noticed that people around me are coughing and getting sick. Said that I was wondering how to increase my resistance and fight the flu. Usually it’s the time before Christmas that we all have many things to do. Students have the last exams before Christmas break and should study hard, others have loads of work on their desks and should finish the last projects before the year is over. And on top of that we should shop for Christmas presents for our friends and family and plan Christmas dinner…and not to forget the yummy Christmas cookies. Our body will suffer under that load, and quite often – just when it’s time to celebrate and enjoy some quality time with our family on Christmas Day – we get sick.

In order to prevent that common scenario, I’ve been looking for ways to fill my days with some extra boost to stay healthy. And that’s where I came across this ginger recipe. Give it a try. It’s pretty easy and everyone – although not a super talent in the kitchen – should be able to prepare that sweet little extra 🙂

Ginger jelly