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Reading through health and sport magazines, I usually find a lot of articles featuring new products on the market. Vitamins, minerals, superfoods, proteins and many other supplements which will help us perform better – according to the companies’ claims. Most of the time the claims are wrong, the evidence is missing and for me, who works in the sport nutrition field and promotes healthy eating, the question remains always: what about an athlete’s every day nutrition? Shouldn’t we first be looking at what athletes eat at home, how they shop, what they put into their shopping basket, if they have basic cooking skills before we talk about supplements?


Some athletes, young or old, go into a supermarket but have no system. Quite often they are hungry and need something fast. And athletes never have time to do grocery shopping. They run through the aisles and grab things they see, sometimes current offers, sometimes a familiar label, but when they are back home in their apartment, they realise, they have no good carbs at home or the forgot some MFP.


An easy checklists can help to buy a bit from all, cover the food groups and to get high quality foods. That’s why below is a basic shopping list for athletes. Hard training or not, an athlete needs some carbohydrates. Protein should also be on the plate, and to boost your nutrient density, make sure you add some colour to your meal by adding vegetables or a salad. Taste is also important, so there are some healthy fats but also many herbs that give your meal a wonderful flavour. Snacking is never forbidden, but in general it should be of a certain quality as well.

When you come back home from a competition and your fridge and pantry are almost empty, check the list and make sure you get what you need.