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Emmer salad

There are many different grains we can use for salads, side dishes or vegetable stews. Emmer is a grain that almost got forgotten but it’s more than 5000-10000 years old. People have used it to make bread but also to make delicious dishes in combination with vegetables and herbs. What about this emmer recipe for your recovery day? Or just to boost your fibre intake in your diet? Remember fibre is good for your gut too. And emmer is very nutritious: high in fibre, minerals, phytochemicals. Note: although many sources talk about emmer as a good gluten-free carbohydrate source, ever is actually not gluten-free. If you need gluten-free grains, you have to look for something like millet, buckwheat, amaranth or corn.


Check out this recipe. Emmer is easy to prepare and you can make more and keep some in the fridge for the following day. Saves you time and provides you still with a great load of nutrients.
Interesting detail about emmer: it’s also high in protein. When you compare it to rice or pasta or even couscous emmer is still the winner. So if you’re looking for some protein for your salad, add emmer, top the salad with nuts and you’ve some healthy fats and some extra grams of protein in your meal.


Emmer salad