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Egg for breakfast

Every sport dietician will tell you that a pre-race meal should be easy digestible. You don’t want to have your breakfast or lunch still sit in your stomach when you start racing. This means you should avoid foods that have a very long digestion time. High fat foods, raw vegetables, high fibre foods, nuts, high fat proteins, legumes, some fruits, high fat dairy – all those foods shouldn’t be on your plate when you look for easy digestible foods.

A popular item on the breakfast table is an omelette. Some athletes eat a hard boiled egg but many enjoy a ham-and-cheese-omelette in the morning. I’ve had more than one athlete who had problems with digestion. The quick fix was a pill to treat the symptoms, the long term solution was to analyse the pre-race meal and change the breakfast/lunch. It takes a while to digest the omelette and when you start racing when the breakfast is still not digested, it’s no fun. Eggs are a good source of protein – hard boiled, soft boiled, omelettes -, but you need to make sure you eat the right food at the right time. Although there may be a breakfast station in the hotel where they prepare you a fresh omelette, better skip that station and have an omelette when the right time right for it. For a pre-race meal look for easy digestible options.

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