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For many years alkaline vegetables and acidic meat, dairy and processed foods have been key words in magazine articles and advertisements. The question remains: is there enough scientific evidence to back up certain claims for a alkaline dietary approach for a better health and stronger bones?


When we look at our body, there is the pH value of our blood. This value is strictly maintained at about 7.4. In order to keep the value between 7.35-7.45 our lungs and kidneys work hard to keep it within that range because a pH outside that range would be life-threatening. We have some regulators in the body, the blood does have one and the bone matrix contains calcium and magnesium which support our pH balance. If those systems can’t manage our pH balance anymore (e.g. acidic nutrition over a longer period), the kidneys jump in and help. With that said, even if we eat a high protein meal it does not result in a change in blood chemistry or pH. Our kidneys function as buffers, mobilize buffers (calcium phosphate for example) to keep the pH within a safe range.

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Recovery after a training session is very important in the life of active people. Its part of the training such as the workout itself. It’s finishing up the training. Activities trigger certain physiologic processes which make us fitter, stronger, better and more resistant to fatigue. All this can only happen when our body is given enough energy and nutrients.

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Quite often athletes realize during their season that they are not able to recover, to do all their exercises the way they would like them to do. They lack the energy. And although they feel they are not getting enough energy, they are not losing any weight either. Symptoms such as chronic fatigue, frequent infections and illnesses, decreased strength, gastrointestinal problems or disordered eating thoughts are common in these situations.

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Wer hat nicht schon davon gehört, dass Männer keine Sojaprodukte essen sollen, weil es angeblich schlecht ist für sie? Diese Behauptung macht seit Jahren die Runde und eigentlich liegt gar nichts dahinter. Als ich vor wenigen Tagen wieder darauf angesprochen wurde und ein Mann völlig besorgt gemeint hat, er trinkt keine Sojamilch, weil sie schädlich und gefährlich ist für Männer, habe ich mich entschlossen, einen kurzen Kommentar dazu zu schreiben. Read more »

People are often afraid to gain weight during the holiday season because training is reduced during Christmas time and on the other hand they find lots of food on the buffet. It is all about food, friends and fun. Christmas cookies are not the only enemy (there is no enemy, all foods are friends; but some are little ones while others are bigger), there are many other good things and sometimes it is hard to find the way through all that and make healthy choices. Read more »

Oh yeah, it’s that time of the year again! Winter. I’ve noticed that people around me are coughing and getting sick. Said that I was wondering how to increase my resistance and fight the flu. Usually it’s the time before Christmas that we all have many things to do. Read more »

Vielleicht denken einige von uns dass es im Winter schwer ist, all die Vitamine zu bekommen, die man braucht, um gesund zu bleiben und damit den täglichen Bedarf abzudecken.

Eine kleine Übersicht soll helfen, damit es einfacher wird, die Vitamine zu finden bis der Frühling und frisches Gemüse kommt.

Äpfel: sie liefern uns das Vitamin C und B9, Kalium, Magnesium, Ballaststoffe und sekundäre Pflanzenstoffe

Birnen: auch sie sind reich an Vitaminen – A, C, B-Vitamine und Mineralstoffe Kalium, Magnesium, Kalium und Ballaststoffe

Chinakohl: Vitamin C, B, Vitamine und einige aktive Substanzen, die als Antibiotika wirken.

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Wie vielfältig die Caliper Messung verwendbar ist, wurde mir gestern bei meinem Besuch im Klinikum Bad Hall wieder einmal bewusst. Nachdem ich vor einigen Monaten die Ausbildung zum Anthropometrist in Portsmouth (UK) bei ISAK gemacht habe, habe ich seither nicht nur meine Methode zur Körperfettbestimmung den internationalen Standards angepasst, ich habe die Messungen auch an verschiedensten Menschen, Altersgruppen und Aktivitätslevel (Sport) durchgeführt und dabei großartige Erfahrungen gesammelt. Gestern durfte ich in Bad Hall eine Gruppe von Patienten messen und damit ein weiteres Stück an Erfahrungen sammeln. Und das allerbeste dabei waren auch die Patienten, die allesamt mit großer Begeisterung dabei waren. Keine Spur von Scheu und doch war ich bedacht, die Messungen mit der nötigen Sorgfalt und Professionalität durchzuführen.

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5.30 this morning was the time when I got up. Too many thoughts kept running through my head to sleep until later. Rohan needed to start his day at 8.00 but for me the day started earlier. When he got up, the team around him had already organized the first steps into the race day for him. For me the first contribution to that was the breakfast. Race day with one hour on the track bike meant high energy expenditure. Rohan needed full glycogen stores for that. To make sure he is in that condition, the breakfast was very high in carbohydrates: big serving of cereals, dairy, fruit, honey, juice and some coffee. When he finished breakfast, half of the group was already at the velodrome to set up the bike and all warm-up area. It was quiet in the hotel and you could feel the tension and the nervousness.

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I talked myself into a challenge last night at dinner and I am ready for it. We had Swiss Apfelstrudel (apple strudel) for dessert and I got to rate it based on a scale 1-10. Honestly, it’s impossible to give a 10 when you compare it to the one my mum makes at home. There’s nothing better than Apfelstrudel from my mum. And Austrian Strudel is just the best, there’s no doubt about that. I didn’t want to be too strict, so I gave it a five. But…talking about the Austrian cuisine and our sweets (Mehlspeisen), I mentioned our tradition and different recipes at dinner. People always tend to think of cakes and cookies when you talk about sweets but our Austrian tradition is so much more than that. We have many good recipes. Some are consumed as main meal, some as dessert. It’s not only Sachertorte what we have in Austria, it’s Kaiserschmarren, Zwetschkenknödel, Apfelnudeln, Grießschmarren, Salzburger Nockerl and many more goodies. Hard for others to imagine because it doesn’t exist in other cuisines. I still remember the Tour of Austria when a few years ago we got Kaiserschmarren at dinner. Nobody wanted to taste it. They didn’t know which meal category this belonged to. There were 3 different types of Kaiserschmarren and I had all of them. Yummy. So last night we had Swiss apple strudel and I told many stories about our Austrian Mehlspeisen. The end of the story last night: I agreed to make some Mehlspeise the next time I will be with the team. I don’t know right now what my next race is but this group will then get to taste some Mehlspeise. The clock is counting down…Mehlspeisen challenge.

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