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In sport science and sport nutrition we work a lot with and talk a lot about numbers. Already the assessment is usually full of numbers. Height, weight, age, body fat, watts, maximal heart rate, morning heart rate, maximal power output. And we continue with the numbers when we talk about blood values, power-to-weight ratio, calorie needs and many more.

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Many athletes run out of ideas when they think about a light lunch or dinner on rest days. Often, they don’t know how to limit calories and what to prepare to get still don’t feel hungry after eating. To avoid the mistake to limit it to vegetables only, here’s an idea for a light, nutritious and simple lunch or dinner. Read more »

Einfaches Rezept für die Winterzeit! Alles, was man braucht ist

  • Kürbis
  • getrocknete Tomaten
  • Kräuter-Seitlinge
  • Ricotta
  • Curry, Pfeffer, Salz
  • Olivenöl

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Manchmal rätselt man, was man auf die Schnelle zubereiten könnte. Für einen Ruhetag, wo nicht große Portionen von Kohlenhydraten im Vordergrund stehen, bietet sich etwa dieses Rezept an. Read more »

Gluten is a topic that still is of big interest to many people, to MANY athletes. Is it good? Is it bad? But what about bread in general? Do we know what bread we’re eating every day? The ingredients in our bread are making it a food rich in nutrients such as minerals, protein, fibre or a food with little to no value (low nutrient density).
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When we go into a supermarket or a health store, we find a wide variety of products for our gastrointestinal tract. The industry has long understood that these products have a high potential to make money. More and more we also learn to understand how important gut health is for athletes. There are several papers who talk about a healthy intestinal tract, gut bacteria and overall health. We know that exercise helps your gut. People who exercise regularly tend to have a healthier gut than people who sit in their couch and don’t move much. Read more »

Oftmals werden Erdäpfel völlig als Energielieferanten vergessen, dabei liefern sie nicht nur Kohlenhydrate, sondern auch eine Reihe anderer Nährstoffe, die wichtig sind für unseren Organismus. Hier eine kleine Übersicht und auch Ideen, wie man die Erdäpfel verwenden kann: Read more »

This old paper made me think about the nutrition knowledge of support staff in elite sports (but not only). Nutrition, as we all know, is a very special area. We all have to eat, we all shop, we all are exposed to advertisements, we all hear about trends and new diets, many read articles about nutrition and a few 🙁 still cook (microwaving and baking a pizza dough is not cooking 🙂 ). Because everyone needs food, some people think we all are experts in nutrition but there is more than buying “bio” and local to become a nutrition expert. Read more »

It’s been around forever: milk causes increased mucus production in athletes, it’s better to avoid it. Usually, the problem of increased mucus production is linked to respiratory diseases such as asthma. Researchers have investigated the hypothesis in this population to understand that problem better but could only confirm that the link exists in a small subgroup of people with asthma.

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Body composition assessment has become more popular among athletes. Also coaches and sport scientists have been using body composition to monitor their athletes. Nowadays we have several options to measure body composition. Athletes often get confused when they look at their results and see a completely different result compared to their last screening. The first question then is always: which method was used last time you had your body fat levels measured? It happens quite often that athletes then mention a different method. Well, this is a problem if you take your results and compare them to an older reading when the method is not the same. Read more »