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Wie vielfältig die Caliper Messung verwendbar ist, wurde mir gestern bei meinem Besuch im Klinikum Bad Hall wieder einmal bewusst. Nachdem ich vor einigen Monaten die Ausbildung zum Anthropometrist in Portsmouth (UK) bei ISAK gemacht habe, habe ich seither nicht nur meine Methode zur Körperfettbestimmung den internationalen Standards angepasst, ich habe die Messungen auch an verschiedensten Menschen, Altersgruppen und Aktivitätslevel (Sport) durchgeführt und dabei großartige Erfahrungen gesammelt. Gestern durfte ich in Bad Hall eine Gruppe von Patienten messen und damit ein weiteres Stück an Erfahrungen sammeln. Und das allerbeste dabei waren auch die Patienten, die allesamt mit großer Begeisterung dabei waren. Keine Spur von Scheu und doch war ich bedacht, die Messungen mit der nötigen Sorgfalt und Professionalität durchzuführen.

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5.30 this morning was the time when I got up. Too many thoughts kept running through my head to sleep until later. Rohan needed to start his day at 8.00 but for me the day started earlier. When he got up, the team around him had already organized the first steps into the race day for him. For me the first contribution to that was the breakfast. Race day with one hour on the track bike meant high energy expenditure. Rohan needed full glycogen stores for that. To make sure he is in that condition, the breakfast was very high in carbohydrates: big serving of cereals, dairy, fruit, honey, juice and some coffee. When he finished breakfast, half of the group was already at the velodrome to set up the bike and all warm-up area. It was quiet in the hotel and you could feel the tension and the nervousness.

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I talked myself into a challenge last night at dinner and I am ready for it. We had Swiss Apfelstrudel (apple strudel) for dessert and I got to rate it based on a scale 1-10. Honestly, it’s impossible to give a 10 when you compare it to the one my mum makes at home. There’s nothing better than Apfelstrudel from my mum. And Austrian Strudel is just the best, there’s no doubt about that. I didn’t want to be too strict, so I gave it a five. But…talking about the Austrian cuisine and our sweets (Mehlspeisen), I mentioned our tradition and different recipes at dinner. People always tend to think of cakes and cookies when you talk about sweets but our Austrian tradition is so much more than that. We have many good recipes. Some are consumed as main meal, some as dessert. It’s not only Sachertorte what we have in Austria, it’s Kaiserschmarren, Zwetschkenknödel, Apfelnudeln, Grießschmarren, Salzburger Nockerl and many more goodies. Hard for others to imagine because it doesn’t exist in other cuisines. I still remember the Tour of Austria when a few years ago we got Kaiserschmarren at dinner. Nobody wanted to taste it. They didn’t know which meal category this belonged to. There were 3 different types of Kaiserschmarren and I had all of them. Yummy. So last night we had Swiss apple strudel and I told many stories about our Austrian Mehlspeisen. The end of the story last night: I agreed to make some Mehlspeise the next time I will be with the team. I don’t know right now what my next race is but this group will then get to taste some Mehlspeise. The clock is counting down…Mehlspeisen challenge.

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We are starting to feel at home here after almost one week. The hotel and the BMC group work in harmony. This means they got used to us and our changes in the daily program 🙂

From now on there won’t be so many changes any more because we are getting close to Sunday and everything is clear. Everything is running smoothly.

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It’s cold and windy here in Switzerland and I am happy that the hour record takes place inside. There is no way you could race outside in these days because also the winds are gusty which makes it feel even colder than it is already. The walk to and from the velodrome seems a little battle with the wind but so far he lost every time.

As we get closer to Sunday we fine tune everything. One thing that is important for me is the pre race meal. Athletes have different approaches to their breakfast and pre-race fueling. For me there is no way around a good strategy for the morning of a race day. Sunday will be a big day and so the strategy for the pre-race meal needs to be clear. There are many ways to fuel up for a race and it’s interesting to watch different athletes with very different approaches. Maybe you saw this too: chocolate bar, pasta, rice, a big omelet, sandwiches, cereals, bratwurst, burger; some even may have pizza before when the start is late in the day. There are good and bad choices and a big omelet with bacon and cheese or bratwurst with fries just before the race is for sure a bad one.

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Another day here in Grenchen. First, it seemed to be just one more day in Switzerland but then it was different somehow. We are getting closer to the hour and you can feel it that there is a good nervousness and everyone is more focused, discussions are more intense, more emotional. Not in a bad way, in a healthy way, I’d say. Well, the flu hasn’t been able to catch us till now, the group seems more or less healthy; most importantly Rohan seems strong and healthy. The protection wall seems to work!

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In the news this morning they were talking about the increasing number of people with flu-like symptoms in the country. This wave must have hit some of the people here as well because many have a scratchy throat or a runny nose. This means infection prevention is highlighted. You need to be careful and pay attention to hygiene on those days. Make sure you keep the virus away from Rohan. Keep your hands clean, wash them often, and avoid other people who are sneezing and coughing. And if you are sneezing, just stay away from Rohan. The BMC Racing Team has been pretty good in the past with infection prevention. It’s a little piece in the big picture but quite an important one that can make the difference.

Because of that flu wave I went to fill up the food room with some extra nutrient dense foods. You better have some extra fruit to build a good defense shield against the virus. The walk and the hour in the fresh air were not bad either.

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Another day here in Grenchen. Rohan’s coach arrived today and the team is almost complete. Only a few people are missing and will arrive till the end of the week. It’s amazing for some when they see that there is one rider and a big group of support staff around him. Indeed, it’s a big group when you think that this is only one rider. But for certain events that’s necessary and for the hour record this is certainly the case.

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First full day here in Grenchen. When I woke up in the morning I saw the same picture as yesterday. Snow on the roads and on the cars. Luckily, this morning I didn’t have to get out because I am where I need to be for the rest of the day. Read more »

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I am on the way to Grenchen. When I left home, it was snowing and the few cars were moving slowly. My suitcase was heavy, I seemed heavier than usual. I am sure there’s stuff in there I won’t need but you better bring all you think you could need rather than forgetting half the things at home.
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