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Most of us remember semolina when they think back to what our mother or grandma prepared when we were little. A bowl of semolina with chocolate, honey or some jam on top; sometimes cooked with milk, sometimes with water. At least where I grew up that’s what people are familiar with.

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There are many different grains we can use for salads, side dishes or vegetable stews. Emmer is a grain that almost got forgotten but it’s more than 5000-10000 years old. People have used it to make bread but also to make delicious dishes in combination with vegetables and herbs. What about this emmer recipe for your recovery day? Or just to boost your fibre intake in your diet? Remember fibre is good for your gut too. And emmer is very nutritious: high in fibre, minerals, phytochemicals. Note: although many sources talk about emmer as a good gluten-free carbohydrate source, ever is actually not gluten-free. If you need gluten-free grains, you have to look for something like millet, buckwheat, amaranth or corn. Read more »

It’s been several years that we’ve heard of coconut oil as the magic fat that is plant based and healthy and another superfood. We know from dietary recommendations that fats that come from plants are healthier than those that come from animals. The food industry is aware of that and, hence, is promoting vegetable oils as the better fat. Which is also correct. However, there have been two oils in particular that have made it into almost every product. Palm oil and coconut oil. Both come from plants. Both are pretty stable oils, solid at room temperature. And both contain mostly saturated fatty acids. This is an important difference to other vegetable oils such as olive or canola oil, walnut oil or linseed oil. Those oils are liquid at room temperature, contain mostly unsaturated oils which are said to be beneficial for humans. Read more »

Immer wieder ein Genuss, die Lasagna! Hier ein einfaches Rezept für eine vegetarische Variante. Nicht vergessen, bei mehr Trainingspensum den Kohlenhydrat-Anteil zu korrigieren um den Bedarf zu decken. Read more »

In many ways we like to have a certain routine. We keep things the same. When we get up in the morning, prepare breakfast before work, we often do the exactly same steps day after day. We take the milk out of the fridge, put some oats into our breakfast bowl, add some milk, stir it. We let it sit for a moment, meanwhile we go and get the newspaper and prepare a glass of orange juice or a cup of coffee. Then we sit down, eat breakfast. Read more »

Fibre rich meals are not just good for athletes but for everyone. If you like pancakes, try this recipe with quinoa to boost your fibre intake. Nutrient dense and fibre rich choice. Why not have a quinoa pancake on your next rest day? Read more »

Not only during the holidays, but more likely, people buy a lot of food to make it through the festive season. Quite often lots of the food ends up in the bin, uneaten, untouched. The reason is that we buy too much and in some cases that we don’t like to eat the food anymore because it is not super fresh anymore. Of course, when you take a handful of salad greens and it’s not fresh anymore, it doesn’t look tasty in the salad bowl. When you’ve carrots at home and they are not as crunchy as the really fresh ones anymore, we’re less likely to snack on them during the day. But there are ways to use all the old vegetables and fruits instead of throwing them away because they’re a week old. Read more »

Sportler erleben im Laufe ihres Sportjahres immer wieder, wie Kollegen, Konkurrenten und Teams allesamt flach liegen, weil sie eine Darmgrippe oder ähnliches haben. Die vielen Reisen stellen dabei ein großes Risiko dar. Man fliegt zu Wettkämpfen, isst auf Flughäfen und Bahnhöfen, kauft sich vom Imbissstand und ist unter vielen (auch kränkelnden) Menschen.  Read more »

On rest days and easy training days athletes often look for foods that are low in calories, low(er) in carbohydrates but quite nutritious. Here’s a simple recipe for a protein rich spread for your afternoon snack! Read more »

We all know how difficult it is to resist all the good [food] temptations on the buffet when our eyes see too many good things prepared for us. Often, we take a plate because we’re hungry and run from one station to the next. Read more »